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The best VPN provider with unlimited bandwidth.

WearVPN VPN 100% anonymous


Be anonymous in all circumstance, everywhere on internet.

WearVPN VPN protect from spies


WearVPN protect your life privacy by encrypting your traffic. Unreadable by hackers and spies.

WearVPN VPN bypass zone restriction

Be free

Be free on internet, WearVPN bypass zone restrictions on website content.

WearVPN VPN unlimited bandwidth.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our servers have an unlimited bandwidth, perfect for download.

High Speed Connection

We provide a high speed connection server bandwidth, with 100M/s guaranteed. To allow our client to watch video, watch streaming, download files, etc.

WearVPN VPN have high speed connection

WearVPN VPN use OpenVPN servers

Only Open-Sources Applications

We work with OpenVPN servers to provide to our clients the best security level, with easy download and setup and with all earnings of an opensource software.

Strong Encryption

We provide the best level of encryption based on RSA 4096 and AES 256 to our clients, and we constantly upgrade our servers to stay secured.

WearVPN VPN are strongly encrypted

WearVPN VPN provide a 24h/7d support.

24h/7d Support

WearVPN provide a 24h/7d support to help you in connection procedure and respond to your questions.


Powerful and simple.

Our Dashboard is made to make your life easier. It become easy to choose which server you want, and connect you on.
Display where you are located and if you are currently protected or not. Additionnaly, we had integrate a guide to explain you step by step, how to connect you on our servers.

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